Our Solar Story: COP22 & Formula E

DUEM at UN & Climate Summit

As the UK’s longest running solar car, DUEM have always been about promoting our technology and inspiring as many people around the world as possible. The last few months have been an incredibly exciting journey for the team, signing a dozen new sponsors, rebranding the society, continuing enhancements on the car and expanding our outreach programme ever further.

We were honoured to have been invited to exhibit at both the United Nations Climate Summit (COP22) at their Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF16) & the Formula E-Prix in Marrakech; 2 world-class events to showcase the team and their efforts. We were the first ever solar car to exhibit at such a world-renowned event as COP22 and were delighted with the response we received.

“The last 12 months for DUEM have been our busiest yet.” the team’s Head of the Business Team, Tobias McBride, said. “COP22 was the focal point for world leaders, concentrating their efforts on combating climate change as a planet. To exhibit our car, DUSC2015, in the presence of such leaders, world press and heads of major corporations from across the world was a thrill and an honour for myself and the team. 

If you were to say to us 12 months ago that we would have signed this many new sponsors, launched a new website with Lord Sugar’s digital marketing agency – Climb Online – and exhibited at this calibre of events, we would never have believed it. It just shows what determination and drive can do. 

We are always future focused and we would be delighted to speak to companies, alumni and associates on an individual and company basis about our future plans as we gear up towards racing 3000km across Australia next October in the World Solar Challenge. Watch this space – this is just the beginning for DUEM. 

What we are doing is an incredible opportunity to showcase the latest technology, educate the public about our planet’s climate & to inspire the next generation. What we have planned is going to change everything you know; all over again.

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DUEM Invited to the United Nations Climate Conference COP22

DUEM are attending the UN's Climate Conference; COP22

Durham University Electric Motorsport are proud to announce that they have been invited to exhibit at the United Nations Climate Conference, COP22, in Marrakesh, Morocco from 14-15th November. As the UK’s longest running solar car team, DUEM’s heritage of world-leading solar car design, manufacture and racing has been recognised in an unparalleled way and we are delighted to be attending this conference.

This truly is the international stage and will see the signing of landmark agreements following on last year’s Paris Conference; COP21. We are proud to be showcasing our team in front of world leaders, press and thousands of delegates. Not only that, but the event itself is followed by billions – our reach continues to climb ever higher. We are thrilled to showcase the support of our sponsors at the event & bring a new element to our partnerships. We also look forward to signing new agreements at the show & will keep you informed.

We will be representing British engineering and innovation in sustainability on the global stage. Our mission has always been to showcase the very latest technology, to educate the public about climate change and to inspire the next generation; we are taking this to the next level through our exhibition at COP22.

This is going to change everything, all over again.

Our new website launches

Climb Online Logo

Our New Website launches!

We are delighted to announce that after months of hard work, our new website is live! When we wanted a new website, we knew it had to be state-of-the-art from a navigation and SEO perspective. We did not hesitate to approach Climb Online, the UK’s leading digital marketing agency, founded by the winner of The Apprentice, Mark Wright, and Lord Sugar. Our team and theirs worked closely throughout the project, ensuring that all elements were optimised. As we look ahead to a very exciting future, we are delighted to have Climb Online onboard. You can find out more about them at www.climb-online.co.uk