Thank you Kensington Capital

Kensington Capital Logo

Kensington Capital are business angels who invest in innovative startups which have a high growth potential and which are run by young entrepreneurs who have a vision and leadership aimed at creating value. They also give support to projects that develop new technologies in energy, transport, commerce, communications and climate. We are delighted that they have chosen DUEM as one of the project they are backing and we are incredibly thankful for their support to the team. We look forward to promoting them at this world-leading solar car event; the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. 

Thank you to GH Cityprint!

GH City Print

We met the team at GH Cityprint at an exhibition of the world-famous Bloodhound Land Speed record car 2 years ago in London. Since then we have had an incredible relationship with this leading London-based print company. Tony Bailey and his team work tirelessly to deliver unbelievably quality products to the team in record time and we love showcasing their products at all our events – whether it is their banners, flyers, booklets or business cards the team at GH Cityprint have been a vital part of our efforts to compete in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. We look forward to continuing this fantastic relationship over the years and are delighted to have them as a sponsors of the project. 

Thank you Sigmatex!

Carbon-fibre is the backbone of our solar car. We use it across the chassis and various components including our trailing arm rear suspension design. Sigmatex are a leading supplier of high-quality carbon fabrics and were perfectly suited to sponsoring the team with these materials as we completed the refinements to our latest solar car. This keeps our car lightweight whilst remaining incredibly strong to cope with the forces encountered whilst driving the 3000km in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. We are delighted to be promoting them at this event and thank the team at the company for their ongoing support. 

Thank you Fobo Tire!

Fobo-Tyre Logo

One of the newer sponsors we have signed, Fobo Tire are a Malaysian-based company with a fantastic product; a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). We use this technology to ensure accurate tyre pressure readings across our vehicles and to identify any slow punctures or flat tyres early on, enabling us to maximise the efficiency with which we run the race. This is a great piece of technology and we are very thankful to the company for their support and generosity. 

Thank you Labman!

Labman Logo

Labman Automation are an engineering company based in North Yorkshire focused on custom robotics solutions. The company is constantly looking for new talent and partnered with DUEM to not only connect with our engineers but to showcase their support of advanced, renewable technology. We really enjoyed visiting their HQ in February this year and are delighted to have them as a sponsor for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge as we promote them on the global stage.

Thank you DJI!

DJI logo

The field of UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) has really taken off during the last few years and DJI have been at the forefront of this. We are delighted to be their student ambassador for Durham University. As part of this fantastic relationship we have with the company, we are able to use their DJI Mavic Pro during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge to capture some incredible footage from various angle and altitudes during the 3000km race. This is really exciting for us and we cannot thank the company enough for their support, putting our solar car on the global stage with some of the best filming angles possible. 

Thank you Altair!

How do you design a lightweight car made out of carbon-fibre? well for one thing you need simulation software and that is where our sponsor Altair’s Hyperworks package comes in. Their 25 years experience in this field and fantastic global technical support has been vital in enabling us to design and engineer a world-class chassis for both the 2015 and 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. We thank the team there for this ongoing partnership that we have with them and look forward to building on this as we look ahead to some very exciting developments. 

IMechE World Solar Challenge award 2017

IMechE Logo

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) was founded in 1847. We were delighted to be awarded the 2015 World Solar Challenge award for that year’s Bridgestone WSC and are thrilled to announce today that we have been awarded the 2017 World Solar Challenge award from the Institution. We look forward to promoting them on this global stage and our common goals of promoting STEM and inspiring the next generation of students to pursue these career paths. We are incredibly thankful to the IMechE for their support in this event. 

Day 1 in Australia!

This is it. Today we began the biggest challenge for any solar powered car. To drive 3000km across the outback entirely on the power of the sun against over 40 teams from around the world. An early start for the team – 4am – was not most welcome but the car & team arrived in good time for the start line and parade of all the solar cars. Seeing our solar car in Parliament House was awesome but to see it alongside some of the most renowned teams in the competition was particularly enthralling. 

We qualified 31st and considered this a very strong position for the car and team. The start line beckoned and we were welcomed with great fanfare from the crowd – they love a British team! Setting off through the streets of Darwin was particularly surreal, with crowds lined up to watch all the extraordinary designs drive to Adelaide. We then proceeded to the Stuart Highway.

Our solar car performed incredibly well, driving the entire 322km on solar power without having to trailer the vehicle. Although our pace was affected by weather conditions (it even rained at one point), and some minor technical niggles, our driver changeovers were slick and we remained on the road for most of the day.

We reached the Katherine control stop in good time that afternoon and met the Flinders University team. They very kindly offered us use of the accommodation they had that night which happened to be a church in Katherine.

It was a fantastic day for the team, with spirits incredibly high; indeed, a lot of people became very emotional seeing this car on the highway after working on the design, manufacture and business sides of the project for many years. The team and car performed extraordinarily well today and we are delighted with the progress. Keep an eye on our social media as we update you on our progress as & when we get mobile signal. You can also track our car at

Day 1 was a great start for the team and we look forward to building this momentum over the next few days.

Thank you Robert Cupitt!

Robert Cupitt Logo

For all the ‘go’ that our solar car has, we must be able to stop! This ensures we meet the rules and regulations of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge particularly given the unpredictability of the wildlife on the 3000km route from Darwin to Adelaide. The Tolomatic brake callipers supplied by Robert Cupitt company are the highest-quality we’ve encountered and are both lightweight and strong enough to cope with our often opposing aims of making lightweight yet strong components. As we take part in this 3000km marathon we cannot thank the team enough for their support of the project and are delighted to recognise them as a pivotal sponsor.