The Speed of Light

Our considerable experience in solar racing has culminated in DUSC2015; our most advanced solar car ever. Over 3 years of design and development, we considered every element to deliver a car that is incredibly aerodynamic, lightweight and, above all, efficient. Built around a bespoke carbon-fibre monocoque, the car uses 391 state-of-the-art silicon solar cells to propel it up to 70mph. Weighing only 200kg, it uses very little power; in fact, when cruising we use five times less power than a Toyota Prius! All the energy we harness is put to the ground through our innovative in-wheel motor.

As the only solar car team to design and manufacture our own motors, we have been able to optimise the system to an impressive 98% efficiency; that compares to just 20% in an everyday family car. All of this advanced engineering puts DUSC2015 at the forefront of solar car technology, and truly brings British engineering to the world stage.

The Challenge

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The World Solar Challenge (WSC) is the ultimate solar car endurance event. Over 50 teams from across the globe converge on Darwin biennially and drive 3000km to Adelaide on solar power alone. The event has been running since 1987 and DUEM enter the prestigious challenger class category, designed to push the boundaries of technology to their limit.

Following on from our successful entry in 2011 with our previous solar car, DUSC2011, DUEM returned to the WSC in 2015 with our brand new car, DUSC2015. We are always future focused and working incredibly hard on enhancements for DUSC2015, putting our car through regular tests to get it ready for the big events to come.

Despite these incredible memories, 2017 promises to be the biggest year yet for DUEM. With WSC 2017 on the horizon in October, we’re incredibly excited to put our hard work to the test, as a 20-strong team of students flies over to Australia to support the car. There is so much more to the trip than simply the car and the driver, and the logistical obstacles of such a large group of students moving south through Australia are enormous. It truly is an incredible experience and we would love you to be part of it. If you are interested in helping us on this journey, please feel free to donate or become a sponsor – the team would appreciate any help immensely.

Follow our road to Australia through our blog, where you will find a recent entry on some testing of the car’s electrical and mechanical systems.

Just take a look at our gallery of photos from WSC 2015. You’ll also see highlights of just some of the globally recognised events DUEM have exhibited over the last few years.

Duem Car

Across the Outback
Powered only by the sun
The ultimate challenge