The Speed of Light

Following four years of design, development and refinement, our fourth generation solar car, DUSC, is a technical tour de force. With an incredibly strong and lightweight carbon-fibre monocoque chassis, the whole car only weighs 200kg.

With a frontal area of less than 1 m2, our solar car has the very best aerodynamic package and chassis design in the world. We are the only solar car team to custom-manufacture almost every component, enabling us to be at the forefront of innovation and drive efficiency gains throughout every element of the car.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than DUEM being the only team in the world to design, engineer and construct our own motor. At 98% efficiency, our innovative in-wheel design powers the car up to 70mph on just 5kW; about what you use to boil a kettle!

The Challenge

Bridgestone Logo

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (WSC) is the ultimate solar car endurance event. Over 50 teams from across the globe converge on Darwin biennially and drive 3000km to Adelaide on solar power alone. The event has been running since 1987 and DUEM enter the prestigious challenger class category, designed to push the boundaries of technology to their limit.

Following on from qualifying 3rd in 2011 with our second-generation solar car, DUSC2011, DUEM returned to the WSC in 2015 with a brand new car, DUSC2015, performing extraordinarily well in the face of difficult circumstances.

For our latest solar car, DUSC, we made considerable refinements and enhancements to the chassis underpinning DUSC2015, making the car faster, lighter and even more efficient. This took DUEM to the next level for the 2017 World Solar Challenge where we completed 1000km of the 3000km challenge despite it raining for a substantial portion of the route. Just take a look at our gallery of photos from WSC 2017. You’ll also see highlights of just some of the globally recognised events DUEM have exhibited at over the last few years.

There is so much more to the trip than simply the car and the driver, and the logistical obstacles of such a large group of students moving south through Australia are enormous. It truly is an incredible experience and we would love you to be part of it. If you are interested in helping us on this journey, please feel free to donate or become a sponsor – the team would appreciate any help immensely.

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