DJI logoWe’re thrilled to be able to announce DJI, the world’s largest civilian-drone company, as a new partner of DUEM. DJI share our vision of innovation, having driven the drone industry forward over the last decade, and we can’t wait to have them supporting our project. The company will also be looking into ways to incorporate drones into other forms of education, and will be working with DUEM to explore these possibilities.

Tautvydas Juskauskas, Public Business Development Manager of DJI Europe, had this to say on the partnership:

“DJI, as the leading drone manufacturer, has witnessed the way the drone technology has been changing research and education. Drones have become an integral part of the research toolboxes for civil engineers, infrastructure and built-environment engineers, environmental scientists, geoscientists, architects, archaeologists, aerospace engineers, robotics engineers, computer and IT engineers, urban developers, agronomists, and etc. DJI Student Ambassador program is meant to help local university and campus communities to better understand and easier utilise and adopt the drone technology for research and education purposes. Durham University being one of the leading technology universities in Europe was chosen as a part of our Student Ambassador program. We believe that DUEM Solar Car Team is very well equipped to liaise between DJI and the local student and professor community in order to explore the possibilities of using DJI technology in different fields of research and education.”

The company will also be helping train us in using their drones, hopefully allowing us to capture some great footage of the car. This is a massively exciting partnership that we hope will be long and prosperous for both parties!

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