Our team relies on external sponsorship and private donations. We are incredibly grateful to all those who continue to support our ambitions to showcase, educate and inspire. Take a look below at our sponsors and click on their logos to find out more about their institutions.

If you are interested in promoting your brand to a large audience, and want to be associated with our values of showcase, educate, inspire, then find out how to become a sponsor


Durham University Logo

Durham University is one of the oldest established universities in the UK. The University environment is incredibly conducive to innovation and creativity, enabling the DUEM team to flourish since its founding in 2014. The team is very excited to be one of the most visible presences on the campus, a high-level representative of this world-renowned institution.

Climb Online Logo

Climb Online develops bespoke digital marketing strategies that increase brand awareness online and drive results. It was founded by Mark Wright and developed in partnership with Lord Sugar, established a prestigious reputation for its expertise in digital marketing and quality customer service and has quickly became the UK’s ‘go-to’ digital marketing agency. Mark and his team at Climb Online have provided their expertise at digital marketing to our team to raise awareness of our ambitious plans. This includes the development of this new website together with an SEO strategy that ensures well ranking of the site within the search engine results pages. 

Evonik Industries

Evonik supports our team with supplies of Rohacell material and carbon-fibre monocoque. Rohacell is integral to the aerodynamic shape of the solar car, when it’s placed between layers of carbon, the stiffness of laminate can be significantly increased for a minute weight penalty. Carbon-fibre monocoque is a component that helped us to halve the car’s weight compared to previous iterations. Both of the materials contribute hugely to allowing the more aerodynamic shape of our solar car.

The support of Evonik has helped us to make huge strides in our composites manufacturing program and made key evolutions to our latest car. Without which DUSC2015 would not be competitive on the world stage. The DUEM team would like to give a huge thank you to the Evonik and is looking forward to collaborating with Evonik in the future.

GH Cityprint

GH Cityprint is a leading in-house digital printing company based in the heart of London. They are the sole suppliers of our printed materials; everything from the sponsorship booklets to business cards, banners and flyers. We want to thank the support of GH Cityprint to make our print marketing incredibly successful, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with them over the years ahead.


Sigmatex is one of the world’s most renowned suppliers of high performance-grade Carbon fibre fabrics. This is an essential material to our solar car as we work with carbon-fibre to form the backbone of the car’s chassis and we are delighted to have this prestigious company onboard, upgrading the car to get ready for more challenges in the future.

The first motorsport seat manufacturer in the world, Corbeau Seats Ltd., are partnering with DUEM. Corbeau is providing their safety expertise across a number of areas to our team as they gear up to the 2019 challenge race in Australia. This includes Corbeau’s incredible lightweight harnesses which they are custom designing for our solar car.

The Reece Foundation was established in 2007. The main objective of the foundation is to increase the long term and sustainable prosperity of the North East of England, primarily through the promotion of engineering and manufacturing. With Reece’s support, our engineers have access to great opportunities to participate in training and development programs, helping our team members to stay enthused and excited by engineering. We would also like to say a huge thank you for Reece Foundation’s monetary support for the team.

Enhance are a premium fleet branding, car wrapping, and car detailing company based in Newcastle City Centre, North East England. Their professional team specialise in vinyl solutions, work on areas such as customised vehicle graphics, vinyl wraps, wall murals and car detailing with high-quality workmanships. Enhance are helping team DUEM with the re-design of the solar car, working towards an innovative and professional look in the upcoming events.

South West Durham Training Limited was founded in 1967 to provide training for local manufacturing and engineering companies. They are one of the leading provider of top quality training in the UK based in Newton Aycliffe, promotes a lifetime learning culture and provides first-class industry-led training to both individuals and business communities. Our team is excited to partner with this inspiring organisation.

Goodridge was founded in 1969, a world’s leading manufacturer of performance fluid transfer systems, operating in the OEM, automotive, motorcycle, motorsport, defence and specialist industrial sectors. The company supplies their services in combinations of design, innovation and reliability, their fluid transfer products have offered bespoke solutions to racers around the world for over 50 years. With support from Goodridge, we are excited to push the limits of our solar car and pursue higher achievements in future races.