Our team relies on external sponsorship and private donations. We are incredibly grateful to all those who continue to support our ambitions to showcase, educate and inspire. Take a look below at our sponsors and click on their logos to find out more about their institutions.

If you are interested in promoting your brand to a large audience, and want to be associated with our values of showcase, educate, inspire, then find out how to become a sponsor


Durham University Logo

Durham University is one of the oldest established universities in the UK. The University environment is incredibly conducive to innovation and creativity, with the college system in particular being the backbone of this. This environment has enabled DUEM to flourish since its founding in 2002. Now encompassed under the Students’ Union, the team are very excited about being one of the most visible presences on the campus and a high-level representative of this world-renowned institution.

GREEN AXXE is a European platform and a developing venture dedicating its expertise notably in the sectors of alternative energies and new technologies, through a multilateral cooperation with its global network of businesses and research organizations, by direct investing and board management activity but also business partnerships in promising innovative companies, DUEM being the latest of these. From the very innovative Formula-E championship (Formula 1 fully electric), the first North-West Passage crossing to be realized by the electric boat Arctic Solar (relying autonomously on energy without gas emission) to car prototypes propelled by fuel cell, GREEN AXXE is involved in the most ambitious projects. The DUEM team are very excited about becoming part of such a prestigious network.

Climb Online Logo

Founded by Mark Wright and developed in partnership with Lord Sugar, Climb Online is quickly becoming the UK’s ‘go to’ digital marketing agency. Boasting an impressive portfolio of over 230 clients, the agency has established a prestigious reputation for its expertise in digital marketing and quality customer service, working hard to develop bespoke digital marketing strategies that increase brand awareness online and drive results.

To help raise awareness of our ambitious plans, Mark and his team at Climb Online have provided their expertise at digital marketing to the team. This includes the development of this new website together with an SEO strategy that will ensure the site is ranked well within the search engine results pages.

Evonik Industries

One of the key evolutions for our latest car over previous iterations is its carbon-fibre monocoque; a component that halved the car’s weight whilst allowing a more aerodynamic shape. Rohacell is integral to this as, when placed between layers of carbon, the stiffness of the laminate is greatly increased for a minute weight penalty. Evonik’s generous support through supplies of this fantastic Rohacell material has allowed us to make huge strides in our composites manufacturing program, without which DUSC2015 would not be competitive on the world stage.

BorgWarner is a world renowned leader in the electrification of vehicles, focusing on creating solutions that support a cleaner, more energy-efficient world. Having recently acquired Sevcon, originally based in Gateshead, this advanced engineering firm has been involved since October 2015. Their motor controller and electrical systems, combined with advanced technical assistance and testing facilities, will prove integral to our race efforts.



Institution of Mechanical Engineers Logo

IMechE was founded in 1847, and now has over 113,000 members in 140 countries. Our common goals of inspiring the next generation and improving the world through engineering meant IMechE is an ideal sponsor of DUEM. Our partnership enables our engineers to have unprecedented access to their facilities and gives DUEM the ability to push our developments of solar engineering still higher and higher.

Kensington Capital Logo

Kensington Capital are business angels who invest in innovative startups which have a high growth potential and which are run by young entrepreneurs who have a vision and leadership aimed at creating value. They also give support to projects that develop new technologies in energy, transport, commerce, communications and climate.


DUEM is an innovative project in the energy and transport sectors led by a team of young people with a great vision of the future and a clear mission to improve the environmental impact of transportation systems. The support Kensington Capital is giving to DUEM is part of our corporate vision and we are sure of the success of the project and of people who are running it.

GH Cityprint

Print marketing is incredibly important to DUEM. GH Cityprint are a leading in-house digital printing company based in the heart of London. They are our sole suppliers of all our printed materials – from our sponsorship booklets, to business cards, banners and flyers. We look forward to a continuing relationship with them over the years ahead.

DJI logo

DJI, the world’s largest civilian-drone company, are a cutting-edge partner of DUEM. DJI share our vision of innovation, having driven the drone industry forward over the last decade, and their expertise is a huge help to our project. The company are looking into ways to incorporate drones into other forms of education, and are working with DUEM to explore these possibilities as part of a student ambassador programme within the university and further afield. We can’t wait to show you some shots of Durham’s Solar Car using their technology!

Labman Logo

Labman is an engineering company based in North Yorkshire but with customers worldwide. They specialise in manufacturing custom robotic solutions for industrial, laboratory and medical applications. With over 30 years in the business, they employ highly skilled staff who are motivated to provide the best they can. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Labman for their monetary and technical support for the team.

Fobo-Tyre Logo

FOBO TPMS is created to redefine the conventional standards of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System(TPMS) with the following differentiators over other TPMS:

  • 24/7 Monitoring using a smartphone
  • Multiple cars monitoring with one App
  • Shared uses among multiple drivers

It is very challenging to get a smartphone to read real-time tyre pressure when the car ignition is switched off and to enable a user to recover all settings with a simple email sign in when he loses his phone. It is also very challenging to allow 100 drivers to read from the same set of FOBO Tire. But they succeeded! Today, the company has TPMS systems for motorcycles, passenger cars, light vehicles, buses, trucks and almost all inflated tyres in the World; now thanks to DUEM they are even on solar powered cars! Moreover, we have got a FOBO TPMS system which can monitor up to 94 wheels. The company hopes that  DUEM enjoy using FOBO TPMS for the peace of mind and wish them a safe journey!

Royal Navy Logo

The Royal Navy are the UK’s principal naval warfare force and, from the 17th to 20th Century, were the most powerful navy in the world. The Royal Navy have partnered with DUEM for the last 3 years and have long been supporters of our efforts to return to the World Solar Challenge. For 2015, we were thrilled that they supplied satellite phones and communication equipment for the race and we look forward to expanding this relationship in due course.


Sigmatex are one of the world’s most renowned suppliers of high performance-grade Carbon fibre fabrics. Carbon-fibre forms the backbone of the solar car’s chassis & we are delighted to have this prestigious company onboard as we work on upgrading the car ready for the 2017 World Solar Challenge. 

Tufnol Logo

Tufnol Composites is a world leading company, headquartered in Birmingham, who specialises in laminated plastics and resin based materials for advanced engineering applications. Tufnol have supplied the team with parts to construct our advanced motor; one of our principal upgrades for DUSC2015. We are delighted to be working with Tufnol to ensure that we design and produce the very best motor possible for our car.

Robert Cupitt Logo

Robert Cupitt Limited are leading distributors of braking and power transmission components.  With over 60 years in the business, the company has built a wealth of experience in the application of our products in the Industrial-Automation and Off-Highway Vehicle markets.  In a statement, the company said: “We are delighted to continue to support the next generation of engineers at DUEM with the supply of Tolomatic brake callipers, and we wish them every success in their endeavours.”

Gochermann Solar Technology

This German-based company is a manufacturer of custom solar arrays. Their unique design and advanced technology are ideal for use in incredible challenges such as the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Their technology is not just used in solar cars, but in boats, airplanes and other various uses.

The solar cells are an absolutely critical part of DUEM’s car & Gochermann have exceeded all expectations in delivering us with the very best solar cells. Their sponsorship recognises the importance they place on our team to deliver the very best results where they have to last over 3000km of endurance driving in some of the toughest conditions known to man.

All 391 solar cells on the car are directly sourced from Gochermann. They are silicon based and 22% efficient – again, the most advanced technology to power a truly incredible solar car. We are very grateful indeed to Gochermann for all of their support.

Corbeau Seats Ltd., the first motorsport seat manufacturer in the world, are partnering with DUEM, providing their safety expertise across a number of areas to the team as they gear up to Australia in 2019. This includes their incredible lightweight harnesses which Corbeau are custom-designing for our solar car.

Altair Hyperworks Logo

Altair HyperWorks provide us with simulation software for analysing the carbon fibre chassis. With over 25 years of experience and engineers located across the world, Altair offer fantastic technical support. Their software licensing system is one of the best for providing great value and technology, with the ability of multiple users able to access software anywhere, anytime. It is an incredibly important part of our design and engineering efforts.

Euro Circuits Logo

Eurocircuits are one of our longer term sponsors. They are a leading fabrication house for top quality PCBs and their expert assistance has proved invaluable to us over the years. The Eurocircuits team have helped to implement and make many of our custom circuit boards upon which our car’s vital systems rely; everything from our battery system, to our motor.

Designs Unique Logo

When it came to rebranding DUEM, we wanted local expertise and contacted Designs Unique. Creative Director Graeme Hall was absolutely superb and provided us with a wide variety of options. The new logo forms the core of our new branding – from our new website, to sponsorship booklets, flyers, banners and more. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and cannot recommend them highly enough.