15 Years of DUEM

In our 15-year history, we’ve had some unforgettable and ground-breaking experiences. As proud as we are of our past, our vision is very much focussed on the future as we aim to thrive in a world desperately in need of renewable innovation.

With this in mind, we recently took our car out of the workshop and onto the road for the first time in 2017, testing the mechanical and electrical systems despite the fact that it was pitch black at the time. The car performed remarkably well, suggesting that we are very much on track to have a successful race at the World Solar Challenge in October this year. Of course, over in Australia we will be attempting to drive the car 3000 miles along barren, dusty roads, posing significant logistical challenges, but with a team that is highly motivated to succeed at the biggest event on the solar calendar, we have good reason to be confident.

Due to our newly-found partnership with Durham Student Productions, we are delighted to be able to bring you some stunning, clear footage of this evening of testing, as our car is put to the test. Tobias McBride, Head of the Business Team, also offers some insights into the DUEM story.

DUEM have also enjoyed coverage on the University blog, sharing our story with the public and inspiring students to follow our journey at the forefront of solar cars. Take a look at the blog here.

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We’ve produced a fun little video summarising our 15 year history into only 15 seconds. Take a look below; we hope that you enjoy it!