The UK’s top finishing Challenger Class Solar Car in the 2019 World Solar Challenge

With a top speed of 126kph and weighing in at just 178kg, this car still cruises on less power than your conventional hair dryer.


Ortus is DUEM’s latest world-class solar car. After competing in the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, Ortus placed 14th in the Challenger class – the best British finish for twenty years!

In the mornings and evenings, Ortus’ array tilts to catch the sun’s rays!


After such a successful race, the team is hard at work upgrading Ortus to compete in the 2020 iLumen European Solar Challenge!

After crossing the Australian Continent, the team took this picture of Ortus enjoying its’ last Australian sunset… For now…


The Manufacture Process

Ortus took a lot of hard work and dedication to come together – here are some snippets of the build process! Including our Build Highlights video!


A negative mould of the car was made from fibre-glass, ensuring a great aero surface and a lot of sticky wet layups!



The carbon-fibre laminates were installed into the tub by hand, before the car was cooked in a huge oven!




To ensure our drivers are safe, we made sure to test a version of our composite roll structure!




The electrical system has to be put together and tested before being installed in the car!