European Solar Challenge 2020

The DUEM team are currently working on improving the car, in preparation for the 2020 European Solar Challenge. This year it will be held in Belguim from the 18th-20th September. We aim to make Ortus faster and more efficient, hopefully securing a top position in the race! 



World Solar Challenge 2019

Bridgestone Logo

In 2019, DUEM came 14th in the Challenger class, making it the top British Team in its category! The new and improved model reached a top speed of 108kph (67mph), whilst weighing just 178kg and using less power than a hairdryer. 

World Solar Challenge 2017

Bridgestone Logo

Weighing just 250kg, and capable of a top speed of 100kph, we were confident that our car, DUSC, would be successful in the race. We completed an impressive 1000km of the 3000km challenge, despite it raining for a substantial portion of the route. Just take a look at our gallery of photos from WSC 2017.

World Solar Challenge 2015

Bridgestone Logo 

After 3 years of design and development, DUEM took part in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge for the second time, with an all new design. With a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis, state-of-the-art aerodynamics and mechanical and electrical systems, the car (DUSC) had the potential to reach 70mph and weighed just 250kg. Although faced with difficult circumstances, the team learned a great deal from this challenging experience and built upon these lessons in the highly successful entry in 2017. You can see our photo highlights from this challenge here.

World Solar Challenge 2011

2011 saw Durham make its first foray into the world’s premier solar race, the World Solar Challenge. The Australian Outback presented some unique challenges to the teams involved, including blistering temperatures, lightning storms, challenging terrain and even bush fires. In qualifying, the car performed strongly, finishing in the top 10. Unfortunately once on the road, the car, DUSC2011, encountered cracking on its highly fragile solar cells due to the intense heat. Despite these issues, the team continued to run at an average speed of 80 km/h, reaching Adelaide in just 7 days.

DUEM Enters WSC 2011

North American Solar Challenge 2008

In 2008, Durham competed in the North American Solar Challenge (NASC); the only UK team to do so. The race took place over nine days on a route between Texas, Kansas and Calgary, covering just over 2500 miles. After suffering early setbacks due to minor mechanical faults and poor solar conditions, the team finished the second half of the race strongly, moving steadily up the leaderboard and finishing 14th out of 26 entries. At the awards ceremony, Durham were awarded “Rookie Team of the Year” as the highest placed new entry.

DUEM NASC 2008 Challenge