Durham University

Durham University is based in a unique and historic setting in the North East of England as well as being a globally outstanding centre of teaching and research excellence, consistently ranked as a top 10 UK university.

The University environment is incredibly conducive to innovation and creativity, enabling Durham University Solar Car to flourish since its founding in 2002. The team is very honoured to be one of the most visible presences on campus, a high-level representative of this world-renowned institution.

our platinum sponsors

Tailwind Energy

Tailwind is a privately owned, next generation oil and gas company continuing to grow a robust, value-driven portfolio of UK continental shelf (UKCS) assets.

Their agile approach focuses on working with partners to deliver technically advanced and cost-effective development and production of upstream assets. By combining years of industry knowledge and a fundamentally different approach to opportunity identification, they find and create value from the UKCS.


Reece Foundation

The Reece Foundation was established in 2007 with the main objective of the foundation being to increase the long term and sustainable prosperity of the North East of England, primarily through the promotion of engineering and manufacturing. With the their support, our engineers have access to great opportunities to participate in training and development programs, helping our team members to stay enthused and excited by engineering.

GH City Print

GH Cityprint is a leading in-house digital printing company based in the heart of London. They are the sole suppliers of our printed materials; everything from the sponsorship booklets to business cards, banners and flyers. We want to thank the support of GH Cityprint in making our print marketing incredibly successful, and we look forward to a continuing relationship with them over the years to come.

Easy Composites

Easy Composites Ltd is a leading supplier of advanced composite materials to individuals, businesses and educational institutions. Their comprehensive set of tools, such as vacuum bagging and resins have been incredibly helpful for the team.

Bentham & Holroyd

Specialising in precision engineering and fabrication since 1830, Benthams has made quality and diversity the cornerstones of its business ethos. it utilises a wide range of machinery including CNC & manual turning, CNC milling, waterjet cutting and welding to supply everything from one-off prototypes to volume production of fine tolerance components.

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