Who are we?


A team of innovative university students who love to push our engineering skills to new levels. As a student run and student led team, we design and build solar cars which we race in international events against other world-leading solar teams.

We are the UK’s longest running team of its kind, always pushing the boundaries of technological innovation. Since our founding we have developed 6 generations of solar car, racing for the first tine in 2008 across North America and 5 campaigns in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. Our most recent race in 2023 BWSC saw us take the highest placing British finish to date. We love to welcome new ideas and challenges to our 50-strong team which is ever-growing and evolving as new students join the university, bringing with them fresh ideas and solutions.

Numbers Speak for themselves

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A team like no other

We believe that inclusion inspires innovation and have always had team members from a diverse academic background, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level: from engineering, to physics, mathematics, biology, economics, marketing and more. This allows us to utilise our individual strengths to develop a futuristic, high performing and reliable solar car.

It is our strong team dynamic that motivates and pushes us to reach our ambitious goals, achieving world-class results at international competitions. The bonds formed from our highly focussed work go beyond our university lives and we maintain strong relationships with alumni who love to see our most recent and inspiring ventures.

Development is key

As a team, we have always recognised our solar car is so much more than an engineering marvel. Our world is facing an age of unbelievable change and momentum, particularly in our climate. With global temperatures continue to rise, we all must accept responsibility for pushing towards a more sustainable future.

It’s been an incredible journey so far; exploring the world, testing the boundaries of modern technology, and learning to work and grow as a team. But we are just getting started.

In the coming years, we are committed to providing a powerful educational platform to inspire the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs and others who dare to think different. We will continue to raise public awareness of how innovative British engineering in solar power, renewable technologies and electric drive can leave the world better than we found it. Finally, we aim to lead the world in innovation and engineering excellence, creating the most efficient, fastest and most advanced solar electric vehicles ever seen.

This website gives you an insight into our past and a glimpse into our future; an exciting future in which we continue to build upon our strong heritage and continue to showcase, educate and inspire.

Meet the team

Showcasing our team, the ones making it all happen. Without these students’ countless hours of hard work and dedication we would quite simply cease to exists.

Vedika Bedi

Team Principal
4th Year Electrical Engineering

After 2 years in the team and a successful Australia solar challenge, solar car continues to provide unique experiences. The next for me being the opportunity to lead the team to another successful race and take the team to the next level. I hope to continue the incredible reputation the team has built. This is only the beginning of what the team can achieve.

Brian Rowlands

Chief Engineer
4th Year Aeronautical Engineer

I’m excited to lead the engineering side of the solar car team this year. Nothing else gives you the feeling of accomplishment of seeing everything fall in to place to make one amazing project.



Oliver Holme

2nd Year General Engineering

After an exhilarating first year with the team as a mechanical engineer I have moved to a new challenge, running the team’s finances as treasurer. For me, the passion and talent within the team makes Solar Car a brilliantly rewarding challenge.

David Sims-Williams

Faculty Lead
Director of Infrastructure

The solar car is a good match for the Department of Engineering at Durham University. It brings together the range of Engineering disciplines, it is challenging and it rewards  innovations that work.

Technical Team

Saahil Dhawan

Head of Electrical
3rd Year Mechanical Engineer

I am really looking forward to contributing to the team in a bigger role. The electrical systems are essential to the team’s performance and I aim to further improve our approach towards its design and management.

Matthew Tomlinson

Head of Mechanical
3rd Year Mechanical Engineer

After spending 2 years as part of the team I am proud to be continuing the journey as head of mechanical, where I will continue to gain skills in engineering and leadership. I look forward to taking a leading role in the continuing technical developments for our cars.

Business Team

Anith Sathananthan

Head of Business
4th Year Electronic Engineering

Having completed a very successful BWSC campaign I’m looking forward to working with the rest of the business team to capitalise on that success! We’re keen to maintain strong relationships with our great sponsors as well as forming new partnerships. We also recognise the importance of giving back and this will be done by continuing our outreach program.  

Joe Murphy

Head of Sponsorship
2nd Year History Student

Taking on the role of Head of Sponsorship will be an exciting challenge. Fostering new partnerships and maintaining our existing ones will be a rewarding experience as we generate new income for the team. 

Nicola Ho

Head of Marketing
2nd Year General Engineering

As part of the marketing team, I am keen to share solar car with students and companies who are excited about innovative technology and engineering. I hope to promote our team to potential sponsors and gain more visibility this year!

Nick Thornton

Head of Outreach
4th Year Geography BSc

My role this year puts me in the driving seat behind one of the most rewarding activities we do as a team. I’ll organise events throughout the year where we promote STEM subjects and sustainability in schools and at conferences across the UK.

Logistics Team

Caitlin Musto

Co-Head of Logistics
3rd Year Mechanical Engineer

As Co-Head of Logistics, I’m looking forward to organising events for the exciting year ahead. After a successful BWSC I’m eager to work with the team to take on a brand new challenge to get a Durham University Solar Car to Belgium for the European Solar Challenge.

Euan Sanderson

Co-Head of Logistics
3rd Year Mechanical Engineer

Having come to Durham for Solar Car, and with a two-year WSC campaign behind me, I’m really excited to take on the role of Co-Head of Logistics for my third year in the team – an essential role in allowing us to race the cars we build!