The team at the BWSC 2023 finish line!
Evening charge in the middle of the Outback
DUSC2023 driving through the Outback
Hot weather testing on Gunn Point road
Working on the car's battery before the start of the race
The team worked late into the night in Hidden Valley to latch the array
Track testing at Dunsfold Aerodrome
DUSC2023 testing figure of 8
DUSC2023 driving past solar panels at Dunsfold
The team with DUSC2023 on the track at Dunsfold Aerodrome

The team spent many hours laying up moulds, applying pre-preg and core forming to ensure DUSC2023 was aerodynamic and light, but also strong.


A happy solar car team in the rare Durham sun!

Displaying the car at Palace Green

At the gates of Durham castle

Ortus outside Durham Cathedral

Driving in the Sun outside Durham Castle.

Some of the team with the car


Testing the lights at dusk

Outreach at Green Lanes Primary School Hatfield. 

Further testing during the day at Dunsfold Aerodrome.

The Solar Car being prepped for a run at Dunsfold.

The solar car team showing off the internal workings of the car.

The car on display at Temple Moor High School in Leeds.

Crowds asking questions about the Solar Car
Presentation from the team on what we do.
The car set up at Oasis Acadamy (Isle of Sheppey) for the pupils to view


A very proud and socially distanced OSC team with their car, Ortus
Ortus followed closely by DUEM's 'chase' vehicle
A driver change during the Ouston Solar Challenge
Ortus zooming along the Ouston runway
The team work on Ortus at RAF Ouston Airfield
Ortus ready to begin a lap of Ouston Airfield during DUEM's 24 hour challenge
Despite the unavoidable UK weather, Ortus is ready to be tested at Shobdon Aerodrome
Ortus being fitted with a shiny new visor
With our first driver in position, the team prepare Ortus for her testing day at Shobdon
Our Chief Engineer prepares the motor for testing
Back in the lab, our Engineering Team work hard to ensure all electrical systems are in working order
At Shobdon, the team were able to train new drivers as well as test the car
DUEM's electrical team working hard at Shobdon Aerodrome
Shobdon Aerodrome was a beautiful location to test Ortus
The team prepare Ortus to drive at Shodon Airfield
The addition of headlights to Ortus' electrical system was very successful
Despite COVID-19, the DUEM team have been able to work safely to make new parts
At Shobdon, the team were able to train new drivers as well as test the car
Ortus performs well as a new driver is trained for future races
A sunny day to check Ortus' systems are in working order
Ortus readjusts to the cold UK climate after arriving back from Australia
Promoting DUEM to other university students on campus is so important to recruit team members from a range of degree backgrounds
Our Team Principal gave a talk for the Institution of Mechanical Engineers about the DUEM, the building of Ortus and the BWSC
The first test of 2020 went smoothly after Ortus arrived back on British soil
Ortus has arrived back home safe and sound
Offloading Ortus after her long journey


A grubby but very happy and proud team as the sun sets on the final day of BWSC 2019
The team jumped for joy at the finish line in Adelaide with how well Ortus had performed in BWSC 2019
Ortus racing across the Australian Outback
The start of DUEM's adventure across Australia
Ortus driving through the opal-mines in Coober Pedy
The race team prepare Ortus for her journey across Australia
The Head of Electrical preparing the car's battery for the race
The first drive on Gunpoint road after arriving in Australia
One of many track testing sessions at Hidden Valley Raceway in Darwin, Australia preparing for BWSC 2019
Ortus undergoing static scrutineering at the 2019 BWSC event to ensure she is race ready
The first test after arriving safely in Australia
The team worked tirelessy for 2 weeks in Darwin, Australia before BWSC 2019
The DUEM hi-vis was the envy of all solar teams
Channel 9 Australia interviewed one of our drivers and filmed the team in action during a test drive in Darwin
Ortus completed the 'figure of 8' with ease during dynamic scrutineering
Preparing Ortus to be transported after her first test drive in Australia
A successful test day at Bruntingthorpe's race track in preperation to be shipped to Australia
The car showing off her new livery
Dark and rainy may not be optimal driving conditions but they make for a good photo opportunity
With a brand new livery showcased at the Durham University Science Site, Ortus is just days away from shipping out to Australia for BWSC 2019
The team preparing to test Ortus at Brintingthorpe's track
Prepreg carbon sheets were layered together in the tub mould to build Ortus' body
The DUEM team spent many, many hours carefully manufacturing Ortus' body to ensure it was as  aerodynamic and strong as possible
Intricate carbon parts had to be cut to shape and assembled before they could be put in the car


Having returned from BSWC 2017, DUEM were excited to welcome some new faces to the team during their induction sessions
New team members get their first look under the array of the car that raced in the 2017 BWSC
DUSC and the 2017 DUEM race team at the finish line of BWSC
One of our drivers excited to begin the 2017 BWCS race
The team were up at the crack of dawn to ensure the solar panels could catch as much sun as possible
The team had little time to enjoy the starry skies in the Outback as they worked hard on DUSC

2015 - 2011

DUEM's 2015 team at the finish line of the 2015 BWSC race in Adelaide, Australia
DUSC 2015 preparing to cross the start line in the 2015 BWSC race
The car that raced in the 2011 American Solar Challenge forms an important part of DUEM's proud history