Coxhoe Scouts & Beavers

Our Outreach Team have been busy preparing and delivering Zoom presentations, including a recent session with Coxhoe Beavers and Scouts!

Following the event we received some lovely feedback from the group; we are so glad to hear that they enjoyed it!

 A Successful Outreach Session!
“Thank you to DUEM for their interesting and interactive presentation about their solar powered car. Our Beavers and Scouts enjoyed their remote visit and we talked about renewable energy and the impact that this is having on the earth’s climate. The students from DUEM answered all the questions that Beavers and Scouts asked. It was interesting to talk about their travels to Australia and the opportunities that they had to race there. We looked at aerodynamics and Beavers and Scouts made a range of paper aeroplanes to test which one was the best. Thank you to DUEM for your visit.”

~ Coxhoe Beavers