2017 – Our Biggest Year Yet

The DUEM story stretches all the way back to 2002, meaning that 2017 marks the team’s 15th anniversary. With a decade and a half of solar experience under our belt, it’s fair to say that we’ve enjoyed some pretty exciting times, but we know that 2017 is going to be our biggest and most important year yet. With a trip to the World Solar Challenge in Australia coming up in October, the DUEM story just keeps on being written.

An obvious highlight of January was an unforgettable trip to Labman, one of the sponsors with which we have a particularly fruitful relationship; several of our alumni now hold professional roles with the company. The whole team went along to the company’s offices to enjoy a host of activities, including an opportunity to drive our solar car around a virtual track thanks to Labman’s impressive VR setup. The trip inspired a real pride in the car and in our team, and we are immensely grateful to Labman for putting on such a memorable day!

Another one of our sponsors, GH CITYPRINT, was kind enough to print a number of our new DUEM 2017 calendars, including key dates for the team such as the Solar Challenge this autumn. It comprises a range of photographs taken over the past few years, highlighting some of our most memorable moments, including our most recent trip to Australia in 2015. We hope that some of you were lucky enough to receive them!


This year more than ever we’re committed to putting these values into practice through our outreach programme. We can’t wait to take our project into schools and foster some of the passion for green technology that is so common amongst the youth of today. Over the last few weeks we’ve had exciting meetings regarding our approach, and we believe we’ve formed the basis of an innovative scheme that will both educate and inspire children in primary and secondary schools. Look out for more information later in the year.

Take a look at our latest features in the Durham Business School magazine and on Labman’s website, and make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep track of our rapid progress.

The team keeps on growing, both in numbers and in experience, and so we feel more prepared than ever to tackle the challenges that we’ll face this year. If you have any questions, or would like to get involved in any way please contact us over social media or through the website; it truly is a thrilling project to be a part of.